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Instant Udon
(Anchovy Flavor)

E-mart Teriyaki Udon

Kimchi Flavor Kalguksu

Anchovy Flavor Kalguksu


Potato Cream Soup

Cheese Cream Soup

Broccoli Cream Soup

Paldo Katsuo Cup Udon
Happy Choice Fresh Udon(Seafood Flavor)
(225 g)
Happy Choice Fresh Udon (Katsuo Flavor)
(225 g)
Family Mart Fresh Ramen(Spicy Flavor)
E-Mart Yukaejang Udon
(195 g)
E-Mart Hot & Spicy Flavor Udon
(220 g)
E-Mart Black-Bean Sauce Noodle
(220 g)
E-Mart Spaghetti
(220 g)
E-Mart Fresh Ramen with Seafood Flavor
(210 g)
E-Mart Fresh Ramen with Hot & Sweet Flavor
(210 g)
E-Mart Kake Udon
(240 g)
E-MART Yukaejang Udon
(215 g)
E-MART Hot & Spicy Flavor Udon
(222.6 g)
Oem Goods
E-MART Kake Udon
(224 g)
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