In some products, expiry date on outer & inner packing is different, what is the reason?
What is the "Katsuobushi" inside of Katsuo Fresh Udon?
Why the noodle tastes sour?
What is "Fresh Udon" in product type?
What is "Saeng noodle" in product type?
Why noodle is splitted and turned soft?
Can I eat "Hot & Spicy Flavor Bowl Udon" by only pouring hot water in the bowl without cooking in microwave oven?
What is gluten?
How long is shelf life of Fresh Udon ?
What degree does the room temperature mean?
What degree is for cold food?
Why noodle in "Cold Dark Noodle" tastes sour?
Does product q'ty is related to the cooking time at microwave oven ?
What is black spot in "Spicy Cold Dark Noodle"?
Why the dried flake must be put later when some product is cooked in microwave oven?
Is there any kind of food preservative in Hanil food's noodle ?
What is L L noodle?
Can I cook the bowl by covering lid?
Can I keep this stuff in cold storage although it is written as keeping at room temperature?
What is different between Udon noodle and Instant ramen noodle?
Can I trust the nutrition ingredient fact marked on the outer bag?
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